AAA Game Development at Indie Prices

No Bull Intentions is a game development studio in the UK who work with talented creatives around the globe to deliver high quality game development services for studios of all sizes. We can provide you with 2D & 3D graphics, animation, programming, creative writing, game design and more. We can also take on full game development projects.

At No Bull Intentions, we believe that outsourcing shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. We only work with the best talent so that we can ensure that all of the work we provide is of the very highest order. All of our professionals are game development specialists and understand the platforms you develop for.

When you work with No Bull Intentions, no bull is exactly what you get. From the largest AAA studio to the lone developer, you always get a dedicated manager to ensure that your requirements are met. No more dealing with freelancers for whom English is a second language. No more chasing contractors who constantly miss deadlines because they’ve overbooked. No more artwork which looks nice but doesn’t meet the technical criteria you specified. Most importantly of all, no more receiving artwork which has been plagiarised or based on copyright work. We take care of all the headaches so that you can concentrate on your creative vision.

What can we do for you?

  • 2D Concept Art and Graphic Design
  • 2D Sprites, Backgrounds, Tilesets and Maps
  • 3D Characters, Environments, Props, and Levels
  • Animation, Lipsync, and Rigging
  • UI/UX: Design and implementation
  • Audio Engineering: Full soundtrack composition and sound effects
  • Programming: Both Unity(C# or JS) as well as Uscript/C++ for UE3/UDK/UE4
  • Level Design: Indoor and outdoor levels, including post processing, static and dynamic lighting, and occlusion setup.
  • Writing: Creative writing services available, including narrative design, character development and editing.
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    All the tools. All the platforms

    We’ve published over forty games for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Our artists are proficient in Maya, 3dsMax, Photoshop and Illustrator, among others. Our programmers are experienced with both the Unity Game Engine and Unreal Engine. We are also registered developers with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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    We develop our own games too

    As well as providing a full range of services to other developers, we also create our own games. In January 2015, we launched our episodic comedy adventure game, Supreme League of Patriots. It’s available now for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and for iPad on the Apple App Store. An Xbox One version is in development.

    We are currently in the early stages of developing a new investigation adventure game for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, PS4 and PS Vita.