2D Artwork

We can create illustrations, sprites, backgrounds, tiles, particles and whatever else you need to make your 2D games wow your audience. Whether you need realistic illustrations, cartoon sprites and backgrounds or anime characters and CGs, we can deliver high quality artwork at far lower prices than hiring locally.

Even if you’re making a 3D game, you’re still likely to need UI elements, character portraits, loading and title screens, and illustrations. If you want to create beautiful 3D models and textures, you’ll want top quality concept art and model sheets too.

Whatever your 2D needs, we have you covered. And because you always have a dedicated English-speaking contact, you can be sure that all of your technical requirements will be met. Give us your image sizes and UI designs or if you need advice, we can help you find the right specifications for your project.

  • Our team covers a broad range of styles, including cartoon, stylized, realism and anime.
  • We have specialists available in a broad range of 2D work, including illustration, pixel art, UI and all types of concept art
  • Our team are experts in all the leading applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • We can create optimized assets for desktop, mobile, handheld and console, or any combination.
  • We’re experienced with leading game engines, including Unity3D and Unreal.
  • We can advise on file formats and help you create a smooth-running asset pipeline.

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