3D Artwork

3D art assets are often one of the highest costs in a project and are the first thing most people will notice about your game. So finding artists with the talent and experience to deliver stunning visuals while keeping your costs low is absolutely vital. At No Bull Intentions, we scour the globe for talented artists with game development experience across a broad range of platforms and bring their skill to your projects.

  • Our team covers a broad range of styles, from cartoon visuals right through to high detail realistic assets.
  • We have specialists available in organic, hard-surface and environmental art.
  • Our team are experts in all the leading applications, including 3dsMax, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and more.
  • We can create optimized assets for desktop, mobile, handheld and console, or any combination.
  • We’re experienced with leading game engines, including Unity3D and Unreal.
  • We can advise on file formats and help you create a smooth-running asset pipeline.

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