Even the best art assets won’t make a beautiful game without top quality animation. Our 3D animators have worked on some of the biggest AAA franchises in gaming, and now we can bring that expertise to your projects. Our technical artists will create optimized character rigs (with full facial animation if required) to ensure your characters retain their shape and look great when animating.

If your project is 2D, our 2D animators can create animated sprites in a range of styles. All of our sprite work is automatically optimised for the platforms you’re targeting so that you can have lush, detailed environments with buttery smooth animations without running out of memory.

  • Our team covers a broad range of styles, from cartoon/comic animation through to realistic or motion capture.
  • Our team are experts in all the leading applications, including 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop and more.
  • We can create reusable rigs so that your characters can share animations.
  • Our team can also create facial animation rigs and fully lipsynced animation for truly cinematic results.
  • We can optimize rigs for for the platforms you’re targeting.
  • We can create optimized 2D sprite sheets so you get silky-smooth animation without running out of memory on mobile devices.
  • We’re experienced with leading game engines, including Unity3D and Unreal.

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