Creative Writing

Whether you need comedy, drama, mystery or action, we can help you engage with your audience and draw them into the world we help you to create.

We can help you flesh out your story and develop your characters or we can create your narrative from scratch. Using industry standard tools, we can develop complex, branching dialogues which even integrate with game logic, facial animation, voice actor direction, etc. We can create, and maintain, a database of your game's characters, entities, lore and more, all of which can be exported to Excel or as XML to be used in your project or to integrate with other parts of the development process. We can also ensure that all of your game dialogue remains easy to localise when the time comes without having to compromise on features and flexibility now.

“The results are hours of laughs with dashes of clever satire”
The Examiner - Supreme League of Patriots Review
Supreme League of Patriots is well designed, screamingly funny, and worth the price of admission.
Just Press Start - Supreme League of Patriots Review
Kyle and Mel have a synergy that works so well within the game and their dialogue together is top notch.
Indie Game Reviewer - Supreme League of Patriots Review
The writing is startlingly on point and self-aware.
Critical Indie Gamer - Supreme League of Patriots Review
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